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  • Rubber & Cork LP Slip Mat

Rubber & Cork LP Slip Mat

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What are the benefits of using a cork turntable mat:

  • The usual crackle your hear on vinyl is significantly reduced
  • Vocals appear more dramatic with a clearer presence 
  • Background noise is reduced
  • Soundstage is wider and deeper

The secret is in the 12 isolation discs surrounding the outside of the mat and the single larger disc for the centre label. The discs lift and support the record while floating it above and decoupling it from the platter. This lowers record vibration and reduces acoustic feedback. Stylus tracking is improved and record wear reduced. The mat eliminates the grunge and leaves behind a rich, clear, dynamic sound.

Cork is the perfect material. It’s naturally non-static and non-adhesive making the mat perfectly safe for use on all platters, and it won’t harm your records.

Cork grips the record better than felt so there’s less record slippage and fewer timing errors. The mat is thin, lightweight, and generally doesn’t require a VTA adjustment. Listen for yourself, the improvement is easy to hear.


    • 300mm Diameter
    • 3mm Thickness