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  • Carbon Fibre & Velvet Record Cleaning (Antistatic) Brush

Carbon Fibre & Velvet Record Cleaning (Antistatic) Brush

  • $59.00

Product overview:

  • The two carbon fibre brushes and central velvet pad work together to collect dust and other contaminants on your vinyl
  • Anti-static fibres remain straight for deep vinyl groove cleaning 
  • Increases the lifetime of your vinyl and improves your listening experience by reducing surface loss


  • Place your vinyl on the record player to start rotation 
  • Take the protective cover off the brush
  • Holding the silver part of the brush, gently position it in the grooves as the record spins. Let the record rotate a few times until all dust has been collected. Ensure the carbon fibre bristles or velvet pad are the only parts of the brush to touch your vinyl record
  • Keeping the brush on the vinyl, carefully pull the brush towards you and try not to lose any of the collected dust
  • It may be necessary to perform a second pass to sweep up any remaining dust particles